Felix Salgado Macedonio launched himself against officials in Guerrero

The controversial senator of the National Regeneration Movement (BRUNETTE), Felix Salgado Macedonio He was again the object of harsh criticism after he was launched against the officials of Guerrero, where his daughter governs, Evelyn salgado Pineda.

The comment issued by Salgado Macedonio and for which he earned the rejection of many social network users was quite extensive but in it he emphasized something, “Who does not understand the 4T, is “referring to the fact that they would lose their jobs if they did not adhere to the” project “of their party and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

These comments caused him to once again be in the public opinion of that State and the country in general and it is that just a few days ago we informed you in AmericanPost.News that Salgado Macedonio was involved in strong rumors that indicated that he had received 300 thousand dollars a month by “La Barbie”, famous drug trafficker who controlled Acapulco and other parts of Guerrero.

“Who does not understand the 4T, leaves”: Felix Salgado Macedonio

The message shared by the former candidate for the Governor of Guerrero, Felix Salgado Macedonio, did so through his official Facebook account where he reported that he had withdrawn the security equipment that some government officials had, which unleashed the Critical since, he does not have authority over the State Government and in any case his daughter, the Governor, should have informed him.

“Officials who do not understand what the 4T is, go outside. No one should bring armored vehicle except the Prosecutor and the Secretary of Public Security. Anyone who is afraid will be for something and better not enter. The Fourth Transformation advances in Guerrero and with the support of the People. With the people everything, without the people nothing “; wrote.

After the forceful and controversial comment, his daughter Evelyn has not commented on the matter and it is not the first time that he takes attributions that do not correspond to him and although he denies it, he is accused of “bossing” the Governor, being the one who makes the decisions.

Who is Evelyn Salgado Pineda?

Evelyn Cecia Salgado Pinenda, is a politician, lawyer and current Governor of Guerrero, came to the state executive for Morena’s party after her father, Senator Felix Salgado, was unable to be the candidate after being accused by various victims of rape .

Despite the accusations that prevailed against her father, Evelyn managed to win the electoral contest, however in the short term that she has been governing she has already been the subject of much criticism and a good example was given a few weeks ago in an event when she modified the Flag of Mexico adding an “s” for his surname.

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