Félix Salgado Macedonio throws a big party despite the rise in Covid cases

Senator from Morena, Felix Salgado Macedonio celebrated his 65th birthday with a big party at Warrior Despite the uncontrolled increase in infections due to the Covid-19 that plagues said entity and the entire country.

It was during the night of last Friday that various journalists shared a video in which they show the celebrations that took place in a closed space with many people dancing and a live band, but that is not all, since the former applicant himself to the Government uploaded moments of the event on their social networks.

The great absent or at least not appreciated in the videos is his daughter, the Governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado who was recently a national note but for daring, as we informed you in AmericanPost.News, to modify the Mexican flag to which he added an “S” for his last name.

Félix Salgado celebrates big

As we explained at the beginning of the note, in addition to the video of the journalist Uresti, Salgado Macedonio himself shared videos on his official Facebook page of fragments of his celebration, in which, of course, he was harshly criticized by users.

The explanation he gave is that his birthday celebration was already a “tradition” in his town and that he had to “cancel” it due to the pandemic, however, that was not an impediment for another large group of his relatives to get together at the senator’s home where there were even several live music groups and even a karaoke in which the “celebrated” sang “Me Gustas” by Joan Sebastián.

In the festivities that began on Thursday, January 13 and ended on the afternoon of the 14th, Saúl López Sollano, current secretary of the Government of Guerrero, was present. He did not care that in Chilpancingo teachers closed the government building demanding an audience with him.

Another of the officials present and relatives was Liz Salgado Pineda, current president of the DIF System and also the daughter of the brunette.

Covid panorama in Guerrero.

Mexico registered a new record for Covid-19 infections in one day, reaching 44,293 just last Friday, January 14, with this figure also reaching 301,107 deaths and 4,302,000 accumulated cases.

Of course, Guerrero is no exception and the state of the Senator in which he put together the tremendous celebration reports at least 2,508 active cases, 558 new infections and two unfortunate deaths.

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