Ferdinando Valencia against Jesús Ochoa for lack of support in the death of his son: “A deep disappointment as a human being”

The actor questioned the attitude of the ANDA leader (Photos: Instagram/@jesusochoamex/@ferdinandoval)

In 2019 the world of Mexican entertainment was shaken by the tragedy that Ferdinand Valencia and his wife Brenda Kellermann they lived by losing their son, who was shortly after being born, Dante, after he presented health problems, which led to meningitis that was complicated and ended his short life.

More than two years later, the actor still does not receive any kind of support from the National Association of Actors who heads Jesus Ochoa. Despite the fact that by law it was up to him that the immense medical expenses were absorbed, the reality was null for the couple, who now made it clear that he approached the leader and he turned a blind eye, despite the fact that his situation it was public.

The actor assured that at the time the 62-year-old interpreter was his greatest idol, but after the refusal he lost all admiration and respect: “Jesús Ochoa at the time for me became the most admired being on the planet, I wanted to be Jesús Ochoa. After I commented to him ‘Jesus help me with my problem’, appealing to the fact that it is my right, and he told me ‘what a problem?‘, when it was a public case and everyone knew,” he said.

Jesus Ochoa and Ferdinand Valencia
Valencia confessed to being very disappointed in Ochoa (Photo: Instagram / @ferdinandoval @jesusochoamex)

The soap opera actor overcome the past, simply mary or What life stole from me continued to assure that the leader of the GO He refused to give him any kind of support under the argument that they were friends and it could be interpreted as a conflict of interest or nepotism, so from that moment on he stopped admiring him and became one of the “greatest disappointments as human being” that he has had in his life.

“After I attended him I said ‘Jesus gave me this,’ and he said ‘Yes, but I can’t because you are my friend‘, so that idol that I had, on the boards that it still is, on the other hand became a deep disappointment as a human being”, he added.

The actro went through a difficult situation (Photo: YouTube)
The actro went through a difficult situation (Photo: YouTube)

For the family of Ferdinando Valencia and Brenda Kellerman, August 3 is a date they will never forget, as it is the death anniversary of their little Dante. They became parents of the little one and Thaddeus in April 2019. Weeks after the arrival of the children, Dante began to present health problems. The couple said goodbye to their baby in the community of Comala, Colima, birthplace of the soap opera actor.

On his son’s death anniversary number 2, the actor shared an emotional message on social networks: “As if it were yesterday, it is today that you live in me. I miss you with all my soul. Only he, who takes care of you today, is able to understand how much. Dante, I love you and will love you forever; 2 years, #ourangel. I know that one day we will return to us, ”he expressed along with a tender photograph on his account. Instagram.

(Photo: YouTube)
(Photo: YouTube)

His wife and mother of the minor also moved his followers on that date because he did the same with a tender drawing made by his brother. The actress dedicated a few words to her baby: “Today I especially bless your short but significant existence on earth, my Dante, and I am certain that you will live forever in the hearts of your parents and we see you reflected in your brother Tadeo. They say that one dies when there is no one left capable of remembering us when the traces of our passage through the earth have been erased and even though your transit through this world was brief, your arrival and your departure left an indelible mark on those of us who love you, “wrote Brenda Kellerman.


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