Fernanda Castillo spoke about her contagion of COVID-19: “We already made it”

Fernanda Castillo overcame her infection by COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacga)

Fernando Castillo clarified why he was not present on social media for a while. the actress of intimate enemy reported that he had tested positive for coronavirus. The celebrity noted that he did have symptoms, so he decided to isolate himself. In the same way, he shared the moment in which it was applied again the PCR test, same that already threw a negative.

“I have been a little absent because it turned out that I had covid. In the last tests that they did to us I came out positive and a bit like everyone in the family, we had symptoms, we isolated ourselves, ”he highlighted for his followers on Instagram.

The celebrity of tapes like We’ll see Y my little big man reported that several antigen tests had come out negative, but the discomforts she had made her doubt. As has already been highlighted, this type of clinical evaluation can give false negatives.

Fernando Castillo
The moment of the application of the PCR test (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacga)

“For all the people who have symptoms and get an antigen test, they are coming out negative. This variant (Omicron) is not showing up much in antigen tests. Make sure and get a PCR test,” Castillo recommended.

The test of Polymerase chain reaction, known as PCR for its acronym in English, have a higher degree of precision. The actor pointed out that one of this type was recently made, when neither she, nor her family, had no symptoms of COVID-19.

In other Instagram updates, Castillo recorded the exact moment where the diagnosis was made. Fernanda contracted the medical service with a private company, which sent specialized personnel to carry out said activity.

Fernando Castillo
Little Liam took the oximeter as a toy (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacga)

In the app, Fernanda Castillo did not present any discomfort. The health manager asked if he had hurt him, to which the film and television celebrity replied that he had not.

Despite being a difficult time, the actress took it responsibly and enjoyed time with her family. Even during her voluntary isolation, the celebrity shared a comical moment with her baby. Little Liam, who wore a dinosaur sweater I was playing with an oximeter, instrument that helps monitor the oxygen level.

Fernando Castillo
The most recent results shared by Fernanda Castillo (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacga)

In its most current story, Fernanda shared the pleasant news that gave negative to his most recent medical evaluation. “We already did it”, wrote about the results of the PCR test. As seen in the report, the conclusions did not take a day to be granted.

Notably Fernanda Castillo has her complete vaccination chart. Through her Instagram account, the acting interpreter was proud to notify her immunization. “Grateful for having the opportunity to take care of my health, that of my family and that of everyone around me”, she highlighted as she posed with her arm exposed, revealing where she was vaccinated.

“If you have the choice, if you can decide, get vaccinated for all those who can no longer or are no longer”, recommended the actress of the series The Lord of the heavens. On the other hand, Castillo recovered favorably after having postpartum complications.

(Photo: @fernandacga/Instagram)
(Photo: @fernandacga/Instagram)

In the middle of last year, after giving birth to her baby, Fernanda suffered an obstetric hemorrhage and two cardiac arrests, so his health was quite delicate. For several days, he was under medical surveillance in the Spanish Hospital, located in Mexico City.

After healing from the moment where she almost lost her life, Fernanda Castillo reflected with a series of postcards on her social networks. “When life put us to the test, you helped me get back liam. I just thought that I couldn’t leave without hearing that one day you would tell me mom“, wrote.

“My respect stands up to all the mothers who through motherhood make the greatest and most powerful sacrifice of love that there can be,” he mentioned for his Instagram account with more than 6 million followers.


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