Fernando Balmes Pérez leaves the INE in Yucatán and goes to Campeche

In an interview with AmericanPost.News, Fernando Balmes Pérez, President of the Local Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) in Yucatán, spoke about his rotation to the neighboring state of Campeche, after 22 years of being in front of the electoral body, which he considers the pillar of political and social stability in Mexico.

How do you take your president change?

Fortunately, I had to return to my entity, Campeche, according to the new service statute, you cannot spend so much time in one place, the rules have already changed and that is why it was determined by the General Council, to move to those who do not We have had movement, among them I who have not moved for 22 years.

Was it easy to spend so much time in front of the INE in Yucatán?

The truth is that it was a great challenge, because I had a very difficult time when I arrived here it was full of vehicles and people protesting against the counselors, it was my first impression, but over time we managed to have an acceptance by the citizenship, because I must say that we have done a very important job in Yucatan since this institute.

Fernando Balmes Pérez will be the new president of the INE in Campeche

What were the changes you spearheaded?

After this, I tell you that we achieve that Yucatán has one of the highest standards in the country, we are in the first places at the national level in the integration of the registry, since 2000 Yucatán has positioned itself as one of the first places in participation citizen and we are in more than one million 600 thousand citizens who have credentials to vote in the entity.

Why should Yucatecans trust the INE?

Simply and simply because the Institute is autonomous from the authorities and independent from the political parties, that has been one of the principles that we have applied over 22 years and that has worked perfectly, autonomy, independence, we do not get involved in matters that They are not our competence, so professionalism for the performance of our duties is what goes forward.

Will there be any change due to the increase in the electoral roll?

A restructuring is planned in which Yucatán is going to win one more district, we currently have five federal districts, but the growth that Yucatán has had in recent years has generated the need for one more district.

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This is still a project that is intended to be done, consultations would have to be carried out, even for the people of the original peoples of the interior of the State, to define the limits to install that electoral district and be used in 2024.

Who arrives in their place?

The licensee is expected to arrive Luis Guillermo Alvarado DiazYucatecan, by the way, he was here by the way, he has already worked in Campeche too, in Quintana Roo, in Tabasco and now he will return here. I think he is an upright professional who will surely improve the management of this entity.

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