Fiery crash on Hidalgo-Zaragoza highway claims 13 lives in Tamaulipas, Mexico

The accident occurred on the Hidalgo-Zaragoza highway; state civil protection elements arrived at the scene.

On the morning of May 14, a major traffic accident occurred on Highway 83 on the Hidalgo- Zaragoza stretch in Tamaulipas. Preliminary reports indicate that 13 people were killed.

The state Public Safety Secretary said the accident occurred this morning on the Victoria-Zaragoza highway at kilometer 80, where a tractor-trailer and a van collided.

According to initial reports, some crew members were burned, while a woman and a baby were found outside the truck.

State Guard personnel from the Airport station arrived at the scene; however, the tractor-trailer carrying the trailer box was not found.

Emergency bodies moved to the scene to attend to the injured while firefighters performed maneuvers to suffocate the fire of the vehicles that went up in flames. Authorities report 13 people dead.

Traffic is not obstructed, but driving cautiously and respecting the speed limits and signs is recommended.