FIFA will open a file in the case of the Brazil-Argentina match

FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings against Argentina and Brazil over the chaos that led to their World Cup qualification suspension after Brazilian health officials stormed the field.


FIFA cited ongoing legal proceedings as the reason it was unable to provide details on the alleged rule infractions or comment on whether it could also have been partially at fault.

The Brazil-Argentina scandal is investigated by FIFA

Messi and Neymar speak with Brazilian Health personnel. Photo: EFE

FIFA did not specify which rules are being investigated for violating the soccer federations of Argentina and Brazil.

Four of Argentina’s English Premier League players were charged with breaching quarantine requirements.

Tangle between Conmebol rules, international soccer and the country Brazil

Echoes of last weekend’s scandal caught the attention of FIFA. Photo: APninta

But technically, FIFA itself could also be partially at fault, as organizers of the qualifying match that appointed the match delegate, whose role is to oversee compliance with regulations.

Argentina added to the confusion Tuesday night, saying on Twitter that one of its employees tested positive for COVID-19. He did not name the person.