Fight in Jenni Rivera’s family: new accusations between Lupillo and Juan

The Rivera brothers again got into a fight on social networks due to a post on Instagram by Juan (Photo: @juanriveramusic / @lupilloriveraofficial) (Photo: @juanriveramusic / @lupilloriveraofficial/)

John Rivera Wrote one letter open to her brother lupillo on Instagram, which again caused the family to fuel their fightsbecause there were answers and explanations by the relatives of the Band Diva to your feelings

Last Sunday, February 27, Juan wrote on his Instagram account a description about his relationship with Lupillo, which has not been good for several months and has led them to fight.

Through his message, the singer assured that since childhood they have not been close brothersalthough he stressed that it is not due to mistakes that only Lupillo has made, since both would be to blame for having remained distant.

Although Juan assured that he did not write this text to make Lupillo angry, look bad or offend, he did uncover that currently he no longer feels the same affection as beforesomething that is painful for him and, even, afraid to see him again.

Juan Rivera Lupillo Rivera
Juan Rivera wrote a long text for each of his brothers and his two parents (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

“Do I hold a grudge? I don’t know, there are times when I say no and there are times when I think so. What I do know is that I am afraid (of) seeing him, I don’t know how I would react. How things change, before, without thinking, I would have given my life defending my brother, MY BLOOD. It’s ugly to know that you don’t feel that way about someone anymore. It’s ugly to think that you no longer know if there is more love or courage “

In addition, Rose Rivera He reacted to the publication with a comment in which he expressed his feelings when reading what his brother wrote. He confessed that it hurt knowing what John thinks about the Bull of the Corridobut agreed with what was said.

“This (text) has hurt and helped at the same time. The truth sets us free even if it hurts. I know you love him. Even now. Beneath all the emotions on both sides, I know there is love. Maybe that’s the hope I’m holding on to. Love. I know you gave everything to this relationship and for that I admire and respect you. I love Lupe always. Thank you for your courage in doing this. I’m happy that people can see your heart,” Rosie commented.

Lupillo also responded to Juan’s text, pointing out possible mistakes and successes of both in their relationship.

Lupillo Rivera and Juan Rivera
Lupillo also responded to his brother’s long letter (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

“Don’t worry carnal… with GOD you will only do wonderfully… Being close to the family does not make you a better person and being away from the family does not make you a bad person either… These are the things of life … We all have our own family to protect even from the same brother… GOD bless you and your family… And may GOD forgive each of us for our mistakes… Give it a try!”

However, Juan described strange the comment, because with this, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend would have reproached what he wrote, stated in First hand.

The musician also expressed in the program that he feels very annoying with his brother for what he has provoked against him, since, supposedly, for Lupillo they have “raised false”. However, he revealed that would never confront the singer or start a physical fight with himbecause being his elder he respects him.

For the same reason, he wrote that he is afraid to see him again, because he does not know how he would react despite the respect he feels for him.


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