Fights and scandals heat up Exaltón All Stars in Mexico

Exatlón México All Stars is just beginning and already has its first controversies, now two of its participants hit each other. What happened?

Just a week away from the premiere of Exaltón All Stars, the reality competition show has already sparked controversy, and this Sunday, we saw the blue team lose its first member, Dan Noyola, who could not overcome Keno Martell in the elimination duel.

However, the team friction has already begun, so spoilers accounts are leaking information about a fierce fight between two of the show’s participants.

As we told you in American Post News, this information comes in the face of strong rumors that Liliana Hernandez is about to leave the production, so the scandals in the Tv Azteca project are at the surface.

A strong fight between Exatlon participants leaks out

After Dan Noyola’s emotional farewell, the teams have begun to have friction. Some spoiler sites have said that a fierce fight is coming between the current champion Andrés Fierro and Pato Araujo in return for the Exaball that has given a lot to talk about.

According to this information, the test will unleash the fury of several of the contestants of the reality competition show, since not only will Pato Araujo fight with Adnres Fierro, but also the women would be victims of the game because, in one of the previews, you can see a similar friction between Nataly Gutiérrez and Marysol Cortés.

In addition to this new controversy, there has been a lot of talk about Andres Fierro’s performance. Many fans claim that he has had a questionable performance, as he has been “careful” not to face some opponents to take care of his percentage. Even so, he has not given enough points for his team, so now he has given a lot to talk about.

Where was Exatlon created?

Exatlón México All Stars: Participants of the reality show fight with blows

Exatlon is a reality competition show in which two teams of competitors fight against each other. The teams are made up of professional athletes in different sports fields, celebrities, and ordinary people with athletic abilities.

It was first aired in Brazil on the Rede Bandeirantes signal in 2017, and since then, it has been a resounding success, taking the format to different places, such as in Mexico, where TV Azteca produces it.