File 81, the terrifying Netflix series that is sweeping the public

Mexico. Netflix does not stop in the production and exhibition of horror and suspense series and movies and Archivo 81 is one of them, which is sweeping the public following this genre of stories.

On January 14, the series Archivo 81, produced by Rebecca Sonnenshine (The Boy) and Jame Wan (El Conjuro), based on a famous horror podcast of the same name, arrived on Netflix. and becomes one of the most viewed.

According to information on several news portals, Archivo 81 caused a furor on social networks, where Internet users claim that this thriller is “creative, mysterious and terrifying that grabs you from chapter one.”

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According to Cinemanía, the series of only eight episodes, created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell, has nothing to do with a real case, although it does have elements inspired by reality.

As actors, Mamoudou Athie, Dina Shihabi and Matt McGorry participate in Archivo 81, and its plot tells the story of Dan Turner, an archivist who agrees to restore some videotapes from 1994, Recorded by Melody Pendras.

Over the course of the series, Turner “becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding the filmmaker’s disappearance and the demonic cult she was investigating.”

Netflix’s Global Top announces that Archivo 81 is the seventh most watched series, with 22 million 220 thousand reproductions from its premiere until January 16.

Rebecca Sonnenshine, one of the producers, has revealed to Variety that a second season of Archivo 81 is contemplated, but Netflix will have the decision and she hopes that they will give her the “green light” for its realization.

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File 81 is a supernatural thriller and in its content satanic rituals are exhibited; the plot happens in two time lines and is set in 1994.

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