Find out the reason why Demir and Züleyha’s daughter was named Leyla in “Bitter Land”

In the soap opera “Bitter land“Happiness has come to Demir’s family upon seeing the birth of their daughter as a result of her sentimental relationship with Züleyha, the protagonist of the Ottoman drama that has become one of the most successful in recent times. The small and robust girl goes by the name Leyla and is the most spoiled of the Yamans.

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In Spain, the telenovela “Bitter land”(“Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”, In its original language) was released on July 4, 2021 by Antenna 3. Since that date, the Turkish success has seen its popularity increase and from Monday to Friday its thousands of fans do not miss a single chapter of this interesting plot.

The successful production stars the actress Hilal Altınbilek who plays Züleyha and the actor Uğur Güneş, which gives life to the character of Yilmaz.

Yilmaz seeks a life with Züleyha in “Tierra Amarga” (Photo: Antena 3)

They will have to go through various situations that endanger their romantic relationship but they will do everything to defend their love after an unexpected event forces them to flee to Çukurova and avoid problems with the law.

There are also other actors who are part of the cast of “Bitter land”Who have won the applause of the public for their great performance as in the case of Murat Ünalmış, who embodies Demir Yaman, in addition to Vahide Perçin In the role of Hünkâr Yaman, among others.

Demir Yaman with his mother Hünkar and Züleyha in one of the scenes from Bitter Land.  (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

Demir Yaman with his mother Hünkar and Züleyha in one of the scenes from Bitter Land. (Photo: Tims & B Productions)


With the arrival of the baby of Züleyha Y Demir the Yaman family home has exploded with happiness. Another big surprise will be knowing the name of the girl whose mother, Züleyha, has decided to put Leyla Yaman.

This is not a bad idea for Demir and her mother, Hünkar, who agree with the name that the little girl will bear. However, it will be Hünkar who asks the question of what is the reason for that name and why Züleyha chose it. At first, she thought that was the name of the young woman’s mother.

Response from Züleyha it is a single and blunt. “My teacher was called Leyla. My mother died when I was very little and she became a mother to me. I decided that if I ever had a daughter I would name her after her”, He expressed.

Demir and Züleyha's daughter will be called Leyla Yaman.  (Photo: Antena 3)

Demir and Züleyha’s daughter will be called Leyla Yaman. (Photo: Antena 3)

Züleyha He also explained that when a person is lonely and desperate in life, he always remembers those who helped him. “She was always a great help to me, she used to fix my hair in the schoolyard because I had no one to do it“, He said.

The teacher of Züleyha He died in a car accident, according to the new mother, lamenting that for the second time she lost her mother.


A nurse instructs Demir what was Yilmaz who came with Züleyha to the hospital but this generates the annoyance of Yaman who, enraged, hits and complains to Yilmaz why he dares to wait for his wife in the hospital and even take her when she is nothing of his. But Fekeli explains that Müjgan It is also in the delivery room and that is why the presence of Yilmaz.

Müjgan She is the first to give birth but her life and that of her son are in danger. Faced with this, the doctors try to save them both. Opposite Müjgan is Züleyha whose delivery was uncomplicated. The young woman welcomes her daughter, while Müjgan struggles to save her little one’s life.

Demir and Hünkar excited to see Leyla in front of Yilmaz and Fekeli's gaze.  (Photo: Antena 3)

Demir and Hünkar excited to see Leyla in front of Yilmaz and Fekeli’s gaze. (Photo: Antena 3)


The cry of a baby alerts parents waiting outside the room. After the delivery, a nurse leaves the delivery room and hands Demir over to her daughter. Yaman welcomes her with great joy and bright eyes. Next to him is his mother Hünkar who cries with happiness.

All this happens in front of Yilmaz who is accompanied by Fekeli and who sadly see that Züleyha’s son is in Demir’s hands, while he waits for what happens with Müjgan.