Find out what Juanes’ reaction was when he heard Mafer Walker speak

The singer Juanes went viral on social networks after he was recorded while listening to Mafer Walker because of how mediatic it has become in recent days, because she had assured in a television program that she knew a language with which she could communicate with aliens.

Although for some it is a surprise, for others it is completely difficult to be able to listen to her speak without laughing, and it was such what happened to the interpreter of ‘The black shirt’, because you can see that he is sitting while holding the cell phone with one hand and after a few seconds he can see how he cannot hold his laughter after hearing it using another “language” .

The interpreter of ‘Volverte a ver’ at the beginning of the recording is quite calm, then it is heard when she says: “In all my DNA I remember my spinal cord, the entire cephalo-spinal flow. Ania he kina mehija, kina mehika, kina mehika, kina mehika, ia ke na hina mehi kah. Na hina mehi kah.”

The Colombian shared the video on his TikTok social network account, and accompanied it with the following message: “Receiving electromagnetic energies”.

The audiovisual has more than 980.3K views, and exceeds 115.7K in ‘likes’. In turn, the comments did not wait, some said that: “I do not understand how those from the TV network endured”, “Impossible to bear the positive energy”, “I think that all of us who have seen the video have reacted just like you”, “And NASA waiting for answers from space”.

At the same time, it was quite evident as while he kept his mouth covered by the laughter he had, he turned red, and it is that he could not stand everything that caused him to see this woman speaking so many languages ​​together.

“I open my heart, open my heart. Ania he kina mehika, ia ke na hina mehi kah. Ania ke na hina he kina mehika, ia ke na hina ke na hina, mehi kah. I love you with all the love of my heart. from telepathyMaffer added.

In English, in alien and in Spanish?”In this way, the interpreter of ‘Kisses in war’ reacted amazingly to the video.

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