Find out when the Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor’s wedding will take place

the mexican singer Santa Fe Klanwho has become very famous in the music scene because he combines genres such as cumbia and regional rap, would be coordinating all the details for his next wedding with his girlfriend, maya nazarwith whom he has a romantic relationship since 2021.

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At 22 years old Angel Jair Quezada Jassoreal name of Santa Fe Klan, will arrive with the model and influencer, Mayan Nazar, to the altar to swear eternal love. This information was disseminated by the portal elsoldeleón.

This is how the artist, who is considered one of the most outstanding rappers of Mexico, has surprised his thousands of fans. It should be noted that his personal life is of public interest and he has thousands of followers on his social networks where he constantly posts photographs of the activities he performs.

The model maya nazar accompanies the singer on all his tours and has become one of the people who gives all his support to Santa Fe Klan.

Maya Nazor is a young content creator for social networks, girlfriend of the Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan (Photo: Maya Nazor/Instagram)


The artist who is known for having had the opportunity to record the single “Big leagues” with singers like lupillo Rivera Y Snoop Dogg would be about to start a new chapter in his life and this time as the husband of maya nazar.

According to eloldeleón, the ceremony would take place in the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Mother of Light in Leon (Guanajuato). In addition, he maintains that his sources have assured that the marriage will take place at the end of March 2022.

All this occurs after August 5, 2021, Santa Fe Klan decided to ask maya nazar that she is officially his girlfriend for which the singer organized a show with flowers, music, gifts and balloons outside the Juárez Theater.

Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor always show their happiness on social media.  (Photo: Santa Fe Klan/Instagram)

Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor always show their happiness on social media. (Photo: Santa Fe Klan/Instagram)


It was also reported that the couple will arrive in a white limousine with panoramic lights so that their fans and the media can be with them accompanying them during the tour of the mobile unit.

Another of the details reported from León (Mexico) is that the singer hopes that the rapper will accompany them on that important date. snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera.

Snoop Dogg performed one of the best concerts in the history of Colombia.  (Photo: EFE)

Snoop Dogg is a renowned American rapper. (Photo: EFE)


Maya Nazor is the girlfriend of Santa Fe Klan. Since August 2021, the name of the young woman became popular on the internet after it became known that she was the partner of the Mexican rapper.

Through a video he posted on his YouTube account, maya nazar He answered various questions that his fans asked him and one of them was what is the first thing that the interpreter of “Everything is going to be fine” saw.

Maya confessed that even before she met him she had already noticed the rapper and liked how he agreed with many of the ideas she had at the time.

This father who thinks about other things, this father who has many interests that I also had (…) Angel’s heart can be seen for miles and I know that all the people who love him realize this and that’s why they love him.”He said.

According maya nazarit only took five minutes with the rapper aboard a car to realize what a big heart he has and how comfortable he feels by his side.

I became so small and I felt that the two of us were two children so small and I think that was what caught his attention“, he claimed.

maya nazar Y Santa Fe Klan They have been dating since August 2021, when the musician organized a big event in Guanajuato just for the young woman to agree to go out with him.

Both already followed each other on social networks, but they had never spoken. It was the rapper who took the first step and decided to send him several messages until they finally fell in love.