Find out which products are the most scarce in the United States due to supply chain problems

The product shortage that is occurring throughout the United States is becoming more widespread faster than you think, it is not just toilet paper or water bottles, as Costco recently announced. To this list we must add some foods and drinks that have been exhausted, an example of this is chicken or alcohol.

Supply chain problems, congestion in ports for shipping products, their distribution by land, as well as the lack of human capital for these tasks, are probably the reason why many of the products that in short supply they are not found in certain stores for sale to the public.

Brands such as AMC Theaters or Starbucks have reported that it is difficult for them to find certain foods and basic items for their correct daily operation. Sanja Gould, a spokeswoman for the coffee shop chain, told NBC that “these supply chain disruptions affect the entire industry and Starbucks is not immune.”

This week, Costco reported that it is limiting purchases of toilet paper, paper towels and water bottles after seeing an increase in demand due to the spread of the Delta variant. In addition, the company reported that the supply of household appliances and related products have been affected by the global shortage of semiconductor chips.

Another of the industries that have been hit by the shortage of products is the one related to sportswear, perhaps one of the firms most affected by this phenomenon is the multinational Nike, whose products are sold all over the world, but most of them are manufactured in Asian countries.

Publicly, Matthew Friend, Nike’s CFO, announced that he is “maximizing” his “Footwear production capacity in other countries” and moving clothing production out of Vietnam, where nearly half of the company’s clothing factories are closed due to restrictions due to the pandemic.

For this reason, Nike is looking to countries such as Indonesia and China to absorb the production of its various collections to alleviate manufacturing, distribution and delivery delays not only for the US market, but also worldwide. Nike also reported that Christmas production and delivery times have already been affected by factory closures.

Regarding the December period, one of the elements that can be scarce in the season are Christmas trees. The American Christmas Tree Association said that the production of this product is endangered by wildfires, heat waves and periods of drought that affect the supply of real trees, and artificial trees may be limited by the supply chain.

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