Find out which zip codes have the cheapest home prices per square foot in California

In California, there are homes in zip codes priced below $100 per square foot.

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In California, home prices can vary in price per square foot from a few tens of dollars to several thousand dollars from county to countyand even between two cities in the same county.

Popular areas in Los Angeles aren’t much better, and the real estate market of the past two years has made previously affordable places like Sacramento and Fresno out of reach for many Californians.

The median price per square foot of a home for sale in California was $383 in Aprilaccording to the California Association of Realtors.

However, there are more than 500 zip codes where houses are cheaper than that, according to Redfin data shared with Nexstar.

The data shows the Central Valley and far northern California with dozens of neighborhoods with homes selling between $150 and $250 per square foot.

San Bernardino County in Southern California and certain areas of Sacramento still have some areas where prices are even lower than that.

According to Redfin data, the cheapest price per square foot can be found in 93562, which encompasses the desert community of Tronain San Bernardino County.

The median sales price per square foot in that Trona ZIP code was just $31 per square foot between February and April 2022when Redfin collected your data.

Trona was hit hard by a series of very strong earthquakes in 2019, including a magnitude 7.1 one.

In the San Diego area, the ZIP code with the cheapest price was 91934an isolated area on the border between the United States and Mexico.

In the Bay Area, the cheapest zip code was in Solano County, 95696, an area north of Vacaville.

The most expensive California zip code was 93920, an area much better known as Big Sur. A single square foot in the expensive, secluded waterfront area would be priced at $4,257 per square foot.

The 15 California zip codes with the lowest sales price per square foot are:

$31 dollars: (93562) Trona and Searles Valley, in San Bernardino County.
$46 dollars: (95615) Courtland area, Sacramento County.
$86 dollars: (93218) Ducor area, Tulare County.
$90 dollars: (92242) Bluewater and Big River, San Bernardino County.
$93 dollars: (92347) Hinkley, near Barstow, San Bernardino County.
$102 dollars: (92239) San Bernardino County, east of Joshua Tree National Park.
$107 dollars: (92398) Yermo, near Barstow, San Bernardino County.
$112 dollars: (93523) Near Edwards Air Force Base, Kern County.
$119 dollars: (95941) Forbestown, Butte County.
$119 dollars: (92368) Oro Grande, San Bernardino County.
$129 dollars: (95526) Dinsmore, Humboldt County.
$131 dollars: (92393) Victorville, San Bernardino County.
$136 dollars: (95676) Robbins, Sutter County.
$136 dollars: (92363) Needles, San Bernardino County.
$139 dollars: (95555) North of Redwood National Park, Humboldt County.

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