Find two minors dead in Jalisco with marks of violence

the bodies of child Y a girl They were found on municipal land. San Gabriel of Jaliscowith traces of violence.

cases of child abuse in the country have increased at a considerable rateCurrently, Mexico occupies the first place, in physical violence, sexual abuse Y homicide of minors under 14, according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

One of the most recent cases that we share with you in AmericanPost.News It was the case of a little boy who, when using makeup, his mother humiliated him in nets, tying him up hand and foot.

They find the bodies of two minors with marks of violence

both bodies showed traces of violence Mexico ranks first in physical violence, sexual abuse and homicide of children under 14

Neighbors of the Totolinilpa rancheria reported to the authorities that inside a piece of land they were the bodies of a child Y a girl.

staff of the Investigative Police of the State Prosecutor’s Office He went to the site and certified the facts.

children’s bodies showed signs of violence, Yes OK a necropsy will be performed to establish the cause of death.

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office opened the relevant investigation folder for the clarification of the death of minors and the capture whoever is responsible.

Pandemic and child abuse

Mexico ranks first in physical violence, sexual abuse and homicide of children under 14

During the pandemic, indirectly minors’ access to sources of help was reduced; social distancing caused the closure of schools, extracurricular activities and in general, the possibility of having a rapprochement with someone, even with the same authority, in search of help.

In this regard, there are risk factors that affect the generation of child abuse, that it is repetitive or that it ceases completely.

These factors are identified according to the characteristics of the child, the parental or its responsible, the traits perceived in the community of the minor and those perceived in society in which he lives.

Know the risk factors and also be able to identify them, help take supportive measures. These measures should be public and private sphere, do it save the life of a minor.

The virus just arrived in Mexico, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) this situation increased levels of stress, insecurity, both economic and food in Mexican families.

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