Fiona causes death and desolation in Canada

Thousands of houses and trees were reduced to rubble in Canada by the enormous strength of the hurricane Fiona, forcing many families to be evacuated, as some areas have already been declared a state of emergency and it is expected that the necessary help will arrive soon to attend houses, public buildings, schools and hospitals which were severely damaged.

Authorities reported that Port aux Basques, in the southwestern corner of Newfoundland, with a population of 4 thousand 67 inhabitantstook the brunt of the fury of the storm, where there were landslides from the road, flooding and failures in electrical services, as well as several buildings and houses were dragged into the sea.

At least 1 person disappeared, when the sea covered the buildings, until now, their whereabouts are unknown, however the country’s minister, Justin Trudeau, reported that an army will be deployed to provide aid to civilians and also take a census on Fiona’s ravages.

“We are seeing reports of significant damage in the region, and the recovery is going to be a major effort,” he stated. “We will be there to support you every step of the way,” she said.

Fiona causes disaster

Fiona, now a post-tropical storm that weakens as it moves north, the phenomenon that hit the Atlantic coast of Canada, leaving a missing woman and some 300,000 houses still no electricity Sunday morning.

Fiona caused at least seven deaths last week: four in the US territory of Puerto Rico, two in the Dominican Republic and one in the apartment overseas french Guadeloupe.

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Florida Gets Ready by Ian

Residents of Florida are already preparing to receive Ian, as it is expected that in the next few hours this phenomenon will increase in intensity and become a hurricane on Sunday night, before hitting Cubahowever there is a latent threat to the Sea Caribbean and United Statess, specifically in Florida, where heavy rain and flooding are expected.

Forecasters predict the storm will reach Category 4 over the eastern Gulf of Mexico in three days, but Ian is expected to weaken before reaching Florida.

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