Fire consumes paint factory in Industrial Zone of Lerma, Edomex

In Lerma, Mexico state, this December 31 in the afternoon, there was a strong fire inside a factory from the Zona Industrial Lerma neighborhood. The emergency services are working to douse the flames and it is known that there are firefighters from Ocoyoacac, Toluca, Metepec, Lerma, San Mateo Atenco, as well as elements of Civil Protection from Toluca.

AmericanPost.News reports that the entire area was evacuated to prevent accidents but so far there are no reports of injured people. For their part, firefighters have rescued various dogs that were in the area.

According to local media, it is the General Paint paint factory that is located very close to Toluca, in the State of Mexico. Internet users have shared images of the dense column of smoke that can be seen from Metepec. Everything seems to indicate that the fire is already under control but there is still a fight to cool the area.

Fire caused a huge column of smoke

It transpired that in the factory multiple explosions were heard inside and later the column of smoke with fire began to be seen. Then more explosions were heard and at some point the column of smoke exceeded 50 meters.

It is worth mentioning that, among the versions that are being made known through different profiles on social networks, it has been published that it could also be a cloth warehouse belonging to Parisian groups.

Video of the explosion in the State of Mexico

On the other hand, we leave you the exact moment of the second explosion of this fire that is invading the Lerma Industrial Zone, which has left a huge column of smoke, affecting the vision in this area of ​​the Mexican entity.

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