Fire in a building in Philadelphia leaves 13 dead, among the victims are seven children

United States.- During this morning a terrible fire was registered in a public housing building in Philadelphia that left at least 13 dead, among the victims there are seven children.

The fire occurred in a public housing building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, firefighters responded to the emergency notice around 6:38 am in a building in the Fairmount neighborhood, an affluent area famous for museums.

Firefighters found flames in the front of the building that was partially calcined and it took 50 minutes to control them.

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It should be noted that there were six smoke detectors in the building It was managed by the municipal authorities, however none worked.

Four of the detectors had been checked for the last time in 2019 and another two in 2020, according to what was reported by firefighters at a press conference.

Eight people managed to escape the fire by their own foot, but 13 died, among them were seven children of ages that have not been revealed so far.

An adult and a minor had to be transferred to hospitals in the area for the injuries, of which their condition is unknown.

There were eight residents on the first floor of the building and between the second and third floors there were a total of 18 people. “A tremendous amount of people to live in a duplex“, said the firefighters.

Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney urged caution when assessing the number of people installed at the top of the public housing building.

He explained that he cannot judge the number of people who were in the house at the time of the fire and he asked for prayers especially for the children.

It should be noted that the origin of the fire is still unknown, although the firefighters indicated that it allegedly started “in the kitchen located on the second floor, which leads to an open staircase that leads to the third floor.”

The three-story building, which is distributed in two apartments, belongs to a network of public housing in Philadelphia.

Authorities are investigating why none of the installed smoke detectors worked during the fire.

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