Fire in Philadelphia that left 12 dead could be caused by a child

Last Wednesday there was a fire in a Philadelphia building in which eight children and four adults lost their lives, three days after the accident the authorities determined that the fire could have been started by a 5 year old boy playing with a lighter.

The authorities handling the case revealed to The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper that it is suspected that the fire could have been caused by one of the minors who lived in the building, who they played near the Christmas tree prior to being hit by the great flames.

The building went up in flames, killing 12 people living in the homes located on the premises after the installed smoke detectors failed to alert tenants of the fire.

Was the fire in Philadelphia started by a child?

The incident left 12 dead.

The Philadelphia District Attorney confirmed the theory that one of the little ones who lived in the building and who was playing with a lighter next to a Christmas tree could have started with fire.

However, a government spokesman informed local media that the investigation, which is being carried out by the Philadelphia Fire Department and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency (ATF), is still ongoing so It is still not possible to reach the conclusions of the causes that originated the loss.

As we made known in AmericanPost.News, the fire in the residential building, considered one of the most deadly in recent decades in the region, started during the early morning of January 5 on the first floor of the building, and it took only a few minutes for the flames to spread. spread across all floors.

What are the main causes of fires?

Among the main causes of fires are domestic accidents, electrical failures, improper handling of flammable liquids, combustible gas leaks, accumulation of garbage, badly extinguished candles and cigarettes, heating appliances in poor condition and children playing with matches, among others.

In the case of fire in a Philadelphia building It is believed that it could have been caused by a 5-year-old boy playing with Christmas decorations with a wick with other children.

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