Firefighters adopt Raúl, the kitten they rescued from the roof of a house

A kitten was rescued from a roof; I was trapped and firefighters They went to help him, not knowing that he would become the next pet. They call him Raul And since they saw him, the team members fell in love with him, so they adopted him and he has been part of the squad for two years. Saving him and giving him a second chance was one of the best decisions they have made and have tried to raise awareness about the adoption of stray animals on social networks so that they have a happy ending like this feline.

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Firefighters rescue kitten trapped on roof

Firefighters are heroes who save the lives of people and animals. Raúl was trapped on the roof of a house, he could not jump or get out of there, so the personnel of the Directorate of Animal Protection with Firefighters in Tampico, Mexico they had to come to help him.

Thus, with a large staircase they accessed the roof, where they were prepared with a transporter-style cage and managed to lower it safely. They called him Raúl and they were captivated by his beauty and his charming meows, they did not know much about him and it was not known if he had an owner, so they provided him with water and special food so that he could stay healthy.

They did not say anything about it, but two years later they made a revelation that left the netizens delighted and that they had adopted it.

Publication of the Directorate of Animal Protection. Facebook: Tampico Animal Protection Directorate

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Raúl, the rescued kitten who is part of the firefighters

Raúl stayed with the fire department in Tampico, being the official mascot and giving him a second chance to be loved, cared for and pampered. At almost two years this kitten looks radiant and it is that in a publication of his before and after it is noted that they have treated him very well.

Without a doubt, this is a great example from these heroes, since they have raised awareness of the hashtag do not buy and adopt, just as they did. Good for Raúl!