Fireworks wreak havoc in Chetumal

Civil society organizations they denounced that fireworks in Chetumal they are causing problems to children with disability, autism or other syndromes and, of course, damage to animals with hypersensitivity, as is the case in dogs.

According to the representatives of the group All Life is Important AC Rafael Rivero Aburto, have promoted amparos against the use of artifice, although they have been rejected by the judges.

As is known, the use of Fireworks It is a tradition during the Christmas season, since they are exploited during the development of the traditional Novenas, the festivities for the Anniversary of the Virgin of Guadalupe and of the Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Also, as reported AmericanPost.NewsThis year, the Othón P. Blanco City Council “only” authorized 120 permits for the sale of fireworks in Chetumal.

In this context, Rafael Rivero indicated that children with disabilities, autism and other syndromes, have to take special care due to the fireworks that “burst” at night.

This is a serious problem that affects animals and people since they are deafening noises that damage even permanently. Unfortunately, it is another year with problems … I insist, it not only affects animals but also people with disabilities.

He stressed that his organization has tried to intervene with injunctions to prevent the use of fireworks, but they were rejected.

The president of Toda Vida es Importante stated that they even promoted a bill to regulate the noise level, but it was rejected by local deputies.

They rejected citizens’ initiative

Fireworks wreak havoc in Chetumal.

Rafael Rivero regretted the rejection of the initiative, since fireworks cause anxiety for people with some kind of disability or health condition and they have to be cared for in a special way.

A similar case, as he explained, occurs with pets, to the extent that some die because they cannot withstand the constant noises of explosives.

Fireworks wreak havoc in Chetumal.

Only in these celebrations to the Virgin of Guadalupe we had 43 lost pets and two deaths from cardiac arrest of the animals due to explosives.

He explained that animals are scared, injured, flee in terror without knowing what is happening and many of them have injuries and other complications, and the same happens with children with disabilities.