“First Lady of Sinaloa”, this will be the series about Chapo Guzmán and Emma Coronel

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera and Emma Coronel – Photo: FGR – Alexandria Prison / Courtesy

“First Lady of Sinaloa” (“La primera dama de Sinaloa”) will be a series about drug dealer Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and Emma Coronel which will star actor John Leguizamo. The streaming service Paramount Plus has it included in its production plans for the coming years. Emma Coronel went from being an innocent beauty queen to an icon who ended up becoming the wife of the biggest criminal in Mexico, is the premise of the story, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

By the way, in addition to starring in it, John Leguizamo would be the producer and narrator of the story of how Emma Coronel and Chapo Guzmán met, how their love began, their family, and how they both ended up detained in the United States.

Emma Coronel is in prison serving a 36-month sentence in a minimum security prison in Fort Worth, Texas. In this place, the Mexican will serve her sentence of three years, under the charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. It is worth mentioning that during the trial against her husband, she garnered attention in the American media for wearing branded clothing and her glamorous appearance.

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According to the Influencity platform, some Mexican media has speculated that if Chapo Guzmán‘s sentimental partner is freed in January 2024, he could be offered up to $10,000 dollars for each publication on his Instagram account if he proposes.