Over 60,000 Fans Witness RBD’s Triumphant Return in Mexico City’s Foro Sol, Featuring Over 30 Hit Songs

The "Soy Rebelde Tour" kicks off with RBD's emotional return to Mexico City, featuring nostalgic hits and a passionate display of Mexican pride.

Mexico City, Mexico – After 15 long years of waiting, beloved Latin pop group RBD reunited with their Mexican fans last night in an epic, sold-out concert at Foro Sol stadium. Attended by over 60,000 ecstatic fans, the highly anticipated event marked the first of six shows the group will perform in Mexico’s capital as part of their “Soy Rebelde Tour 2022-2023.”

Emotions Run High as Members Descend to the Stage

Emotions reached a fever pitch last night as RBD members Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann made their grand entrance, descending onto the stage from a platform amidst dazzling lights, flashy visual effects, and the deafening screams of the crowd.

The group wasted no time launching into their hit song “Detrás de Mí,” instantly transporting fans back to the 2000s heyday of the massively popular band.

“Welcome back Mexico!” exclaimed Uckermann, initiating a series of emotional welcomes from the members that drove the crowd into further frenzy.

Foto: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae México.
Photo: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae Mexico.

Non-Stop Singing and Dancing

RBD proceeded to belt out over 30 of their classic hits like “Sálvame,” “Nuestro Amor,” and “Rebelde,” not forgetting their recent comeback single “Cerquita de Ti.” Fans energetically sang along and danced with abandon to every song, the venue shaking with the sheer force of 60,000 voices.

Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann each had solo moments that highlighted their musical talents on songs like “Inalcanzable” and “El Rey.” Dulce María also shined with an emotional solo performance of “No Pares.”

Showstopping Moments

Other highlights of the show included breathtaking aerial stunts, with members appearing high above the stage on various floating platforms. Fans were also wowed as Anahí descended dramatically onto the stage in a star-shaped capsule to sing her defining ballad “Sálvame.”

The group dazzled with no less than seven flashy costume changes over the course of the evening. At one point, Christian Chávez even came out wearing a hot pink mariachi outfit, earning deafening cheers from the crowd.

Foto: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae México.
Photo: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae Mexico.

Messages of Inclusion and Female Empowerment

Beyond outstanding musical performances, RBD used its platform to send impactful social messages. Anahí made a statement by wearing a top emblazoned with the words “Ni Una Más” (Not One More), referencing the ongoing fight against gender violence.

Christian Chávez also won huge applause for an inspiring speech about living authentically as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Fans viewed his pride and self-acceptance as a moving testament to the more inclusive world we now live in.

Emotional Homecoming

For RBD members, last night’s show was not just a performance but a true homecoming.

“It’s an honor to be home after 15 years, thank you for carrying our music in your hearts, we are Mexicans,” Dulce María told the audience, choking back tears. The crowd roared in assent, equally emotional and grateful to be reunifying with the beloved musical group after so long.

For the 60,000, mostly thirty-something fans in attendance, the concert was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Mothers, fathers, teens, and young adults alike relived their youth as they bonded with childhood friends over the infectious pop tunes and rebellious lyrics that defined their adolescence.

Foto: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae México.
Photo: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae Mexico.

The Magic Endures

As the clock neared midnight and RBD closed out their 2 hour and 20 minute set with their signature hit “Rebelde,” one thing was crystal clear – the magical musical connection between RBD and their fans has not faded in the slightest since their split 15 years ago.

If the deafening sing-alongs, emotional speeches, fabulous costumes, and dazzling visuals of last night’s show are any indication, RBD mania is officially back and burning brighter than ever before in Mexico.

What’s Next for RBD?

Fresh off the immense success of last night’s tour kickoff, RBD will grace the stage of Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium five more times over the coming weeks, on December 1, 2, 3, 16, and 17.

In a testament to their unprecedented popularity, the band will then make Mexican music history as the first act to perform at the iconic Estadio Azteca stadium on December 26, 2022. With a capacity for over 80,000 spectators, Estadio Azteca will enable even more fans to witness RBD’s extraordinary reunion.

2023 Tour Dates

Beyond their Mexico City tour dates, RBD also has a string of US concerts announced, though specific venues and dates are still to be determined.

Many fans continue to hold out hope that the group will extend their reunion tour into 2023 with additional shows across Latin America and even Europe. However, RBD members have remained vague about potential plans beyond the US leg of the tour.

Foto: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae México.
Photo: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae Mexico.

New Music Rumors

There also continues to be fevered speculation among fans that RBD may release new original music, marking their first studio album since 2009. While members have publicly acknowledged it’s a possibility, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Yesterday’s Instagram post from Maite Perroni featuring RBD in the recording studio continues to fuel rumors of more new music on the horizon. Many fans interpreted the post caption “Magic is happening” as an exciting hint that the group has been cooking up new songs.

Could This Be a Permanent Reunion?

Given last night’s spectacular sold-out concert and the overwhelmingly emotional response from both RBD members and fans, many are hopeful this reunion tour may pave the way for the iconic group to get back together permanently.

However, the members themselves have avoided making any definitive declarations about RBD beyond the current tour. Fans continue to watch interviews closely for any clues about the band’s future plans and whether last night’s magic concert marks a new chapter for the pop phenomenon or the final curtain call.