Five Americans rescued following their kidnapping in Soto la Marina on Coastal Highway, Tamaulipas

Investigative triumph as kidnapped US nationals retrieved in Mexico; a rescue involving a Lamborghini, armed men, and diligent authorities.

Once again, the state of Tamaulipas was the scene of a kidnapping of American citizens, who had been kidnapped in the municipality of Soto la Marina on the night of Thursday, June 1, when they were driving on the Coastal Highway, on their way to Veracruz, in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Jeep Wrangler, and a Lamborghini. The foreigners -who left New York- were reported missing after they were not heard from.

Hours after the kidnapping, on the morning of Friday, June 2, C4 reported the presence of suspicious vehicles in the same municipality where the Americans were kidnapped. Hence, agents from the Investigative Police and the State Guard went to the site. Upon arrival at the site, the criminals shot at them, so the law enforcement officers repelled the aggression .

After neutralizing the attack, investigative police secured a vehicle in which weapons and one of the missing persons were found, according to the Public Security Secretariat of Tamaulipas. It was also reported that relatives of the kidnapped men had reported them missing on the night of June 1 and asked Mexican authorities for help locating them.

Local media reported that the other four kidnapped men, some of whom were of Dominican origin but resided in the United States, were later rescued. The victims of the crime were identified as Joel “R,” Brian “L,” Ramón “M,” Bonifacio “C,” and Carlos “N.”

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Weapons were seized. Photo: special.
Weapons were seized. Photo: special.

It should be noted that the C4 report said that the circulation of a caravan of armed men was captured. Among the vehicles that made up the caravan were the jeeps of the U.S. citizens.

The first man rescued was found in a pickup truck that the criminals abandoned. Also found inside the vehicle were four long guns, one with a grenade launcher, vests, helmets, and magazines. The police operation continued until the rescue of the other four victims, who were also abandoned on the Soto la Marina to Villa de Casas state highway in the Pobladores de México ejido.

It was reported that this Saturday morning, June 3, a presumed criminal was arrested while driving the Lamborghini Urus stolen from the kidnapped Americans. The subject was identified as Sergio Guevara Vázquez, alias “El Ciego,” who is allegedly “Osiel’s people.”