Five friends get pregnant at the same time and they show it off

Coincidences are part of life, especially in the case of a group of friends what were left pregnant the same weather.

As you read it, a young woman from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico She shared with her followers that she is waiting sweetly, but what surprised her the most was when she revealed that her friends will also be mothers.

Through a video of TikTokwhich was a success reaching more than 8 million views, Jazmín Jiménez shows that both she and her friends named Idaly, Alejandra, Jocelyn, Kiara and Fátima got pregnant at the same time.

“My friends and I got embarrassed (pregnant) at the same time,” the young woman wrote in the clip.

Things did not stop there, since the woman published a second visual where she tells the details of the pregnant women, among them, the sex that the pregnant women will have. you drink that will soon come to this world.

And it is that they all had their gender reveal party, where it was confirmed that the friends will have some beautiful girls. “pure princesses“, is heard in the video.

The reactions for and against came in clusters in the profile of the young woman who, until before this video, accumulated about 50 thousand views per publication.

“If they spent a lot of time together, their period began to be on similar dates, therefore the fertile days too, love… You see that if it is true that it sticks, when one all comes out… it happened to me with 2 cousins ​​and also with my sister we are pregnant at the same time… They should take a photo together with their bellies… How lucky, I hope they are all friends when they are older”, commented the users of the Chinese platform.

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