Floods in China leave at least five dead and 50,000 evacuated

Floods in China leave at least five dead and 50,000 evacuated

Rains in China are common at this time of year. However, during September record amounts of water were recorded in the country.

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Five dead and more than 50,000 people evacuated have caused heavy rains in northern China’s Shanxi province in recent days, according to the Xinhua news network.

Four of the five deaths were recorded yesterday in Puxian county, belonging to the city of Linfen, and one person died in Lüliang, where the authorities also reported the collapse of 153 homes and the evacuation of 1,300 residents due to the rains.

The neighboring province of Shaanxi, located west of Shanxi, was also affected this week by persistent rainfall, which caused the evacuation of more than 50,000 citizens in the province, according to Xinhua.

Local authorities issued a geological disaster alert on Thursday and meteorological risk due to the torrential rains that hit the region. The rainfall forced hundreds of companies in Shanxi to cease operations, including a coal mine. Experts fear that the closure of the mine could further exacerbate China’s energy crisis.

In addition, the Ministry of Water Resources of China declared yesterday that the Yellow River, which runs through both provinces and is the second longest in China, this week experienced its third flood of the year due to “the constant rains”.

Last month, China reported record numbers for the amount of rain that fell in September. Compared to previous years in this same season last month there was an increase of 431% as for the amount of water product of the precipitations.

In July, central China suffered heavy rains that killed more than 300 people in Henan province, according to local authorities.

With information from EFE, Deutsche Welle and Spanish China.

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