Florcita Polo is uncomfortable LIVE with questions about Néstor Villanueva: “I’m not going to give details”

little flower pole appeared on the program ‘In everyone’s mouth’ to reaffirm that He will not resume his relationship with Néstor Villanueva. The model was uncomfortable with the questions they asked her in the magazine hosted by Tula Rodríguez and Ricardo Rondón.

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“I was going to keep him on the sidelines, I thought I was going to do the same. I just have to reaffirm it. We each took some time to see what would happen. I did not air anything about my relationship, but he spoke, “said Florcita Polo, initially.

At another time, Florcita Polo mentioned that she was not going to give details of their relationship, but she was forced by the statements made by Néstor Villanueva. “It affected me a lot, it is our private life and nobody is interested in what we were going to do. It’s his decision,” he said.


Likewise, Florcita Polo acknowledged that their relationship cooled down and that the lack of attention from her still husband made her decide to end the romance.

“There was a lot of lack of attention and that is why I preferred to dedicate myself to my things and see what happened. If there was love, but if there was a lot of lack of attention. The relationship cooled due to the lack of affection, “he said.

Finally, Florcita Polo reiterated that she will not resume her relationship with Néstor Villanueva and that it is too early to fall in love with a new person again. “The decision was made by me, there is no going back,” he added.