Florida detects a possible first case of monkeypox

It was the health authorities of Floridain the United States, who announced that they detected a possible case monkey poxis about a grown manwho recently made an international trip.

It has been indicated that it is possible that he contracted the virus on this trip, the authorities indicated that the subject was isolated and your case has begun to be investigatedis the only one reported in the state.

The case was reported from broward countyin the United States, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also started with the analysis of the possible presence of the virus.

US authorities looking for more cases

Country authorities looking for more cases United States and the winter storm

So far the case remains in “suspicious” statushowever the authorities of USA in charge of the case they have communicated with all the people with whom the man had contact to identify new possible cases of monkeypox.

it was the past friday may 20 that in the country a health alert as on Wednesday that same week the first case of this disease had been detected, it was a man from massachusettswhich had recently traveled to canada.

united states winter storm

America and the winter storm

It was the National Weather Service, which reported that in Colorado, USAwould show up a winter stormwhich occurred in the middle of spring, accumulations can be perceived of snow across the territory.

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