Florida man slits his wife’s throat and plays her favorite song as he watches her die

Officers found Yang’s wife, Nhu Quynh Pham, in a bathtub with her throat slit.

Photo: GlauchauCity / Pixabay

A Florida man was arrested for murder after slitting his wife’s throat and playing music while holding her hand and ‘watching her die’.

On Tuesday, officers from the Altamonte Springs Police Department responded to an apartment after receiving a call informing them that Xichen-Yang, 21, had just murdered his wife, according to local station WKMG. The person he called also told officers that Yang was trying to clean up the crime scene..

Woman found dead in Altamonte Springs apartment;  police question person of interest
Xichen Yang was detained by the police. (Photo: Altamonte Springs Police)

Once on the sceneofficers found Yang’s wife, Nhu Quynh Pham, in a bathtub with her throat slit. Officers also found cleaning supplies, including disinfectants and rubber gloves, WKMG reported.

According to reports, Yang admitted to police that he did “unspeakable” things to his wifeincluding slitting her throat and putting her in the bathtub after she tried to escape after the attack.

When asked why he didn’t stop before killing his wife, Yang told police that “that’s not how he was raised” and that when he starts something, he has to go “all the way” every time.

Yang also told police that held his wife’s hand and put on his favorite kind of music as he diedindicated the medium.

After his murder, police commented on how young Pham was and how his life was taken too soon.

“I know he was in his early 20s. She was a young woman and she still had her whole life ahead of her,” Michelle Montalvo of the Altamonte Springs Police Department told WESH 2.

The man who alerted police to the deadly incident was Yang’s employer. In his interview with officers, he said that he originally called Yang after he didn’t show up for work, according to WKMG.

Yang’s employer told police he was allegedly upset that his wife burned his passport. After a reprimand from his employer for his lack of responsibility, Yang told her about his wife’s murder and other “unspeakable” acts, the station reported.

In addition to murder, Yang has been charged with evidence tampering.

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