Florida to sanction two school districts for violating governor’s mandate not to order masks

Florida to sanction two school districts for violating governor’s mandate not to order masks

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Florida Board of Education officials voted Tuesday that Broward County and Alachua County school districts violated state law by requiring students without medical exemptions to wear masks.

The state Board of Education, whose members are appointed by the governor, said that impose unspecified sanctions on school districts, the first sanctions to be announced since Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened to withhold money from districts that require face covering, saying parents should decide whether their children wear masks to school, according to The Washington Post.

Another school district in Florida will ask you to wear masks … or not

Another district school board in Florida is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting this week to consider a mask mandate, according to The Washington Post, as more than 8,000 students and hundreds of employees in your district are in isolation or quarantine due to an increase in coronavirus cases and possible exposure.

Hillsborough County Public Schools, which includes Tampa, have 8,400 students and 307 staff members, either in isolation due to a positive test or quarantined after coming into close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, said the District spokeswoman Tanya Arja told The Washington Post on Tuesday.

With Governor Ron DeSantis threatening to suspend the salary of school administrators who force students and employees to wear masks, Hillsburg County school board members may have to decide whether to obey the governor or be sanctioned,

And while the debate continues in the United States about public health mandates to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which has caused an increase in cases across the country, a new survey shows that nearly 2 in 3 Americans say that support your state or local government requiring masks in all public places to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Pollsters also found that 69% of Americans supported masks being worn by teachers, students, and administrators.

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