Floyd Mayweather Jr. goes for another youtuber: meet Rashed Belhasa, the new influencer who will fight against “Money”

Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy / Getty Images

Everything seems to indicate that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was delighted with his last exhibition fight against Logan Paul. “Money” faced the youtuber and left him big dividends in his pocket. In this sense, the American seeks a new fight against a youtuber, but this time in Dubai and against Rashed Belhasa.

Mayweather himself had anticipated his desire to make a fight in those exotic lands for February 20. Currently that desire of the former American boxer would be close to being realized and this has been revealed by his possible rival.

I grew up with lions, I am not afraid of any human being. I will never fear any human (…) I never thought I would fight Floyd. Mayweather’s team asked my team for a meeting. We thought that in no way would this happen, but on the same day of the meeting I saw Mayweather saying, ‘I’d love to fight Rashed”, Revealed the youtuber in an interview for Sky Sports.

Rashed Belhasa is an influencer from Dubai, which is why he would be your candidate. The youtuber is only 20 years old and would be the one chosen to face him on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel. Reports indicate that it would be an eight-round match.

Belhasa acknowledges that it will be an honor to face Mayweather

The young youtuber did not hide his admiration for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and what it means to get into the ring to face him. But nevertheless, Belhasa warned that among his positive points is a heavy hand That could put the former American boxer in trouble.

“Mayweather is very fast. Entering the ring with him is an honor, I’ll do my best (…) Any blow can land it and I have a heavy hand. If you underestimate me, a punch can come, anything can happen”, He expressed.

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