Floyd Mayweather laughed, danced and played ad girl in his latest exhibition fight

Photo: RYAN LIM/AFP/Getty Images

In his return to the ring in an exhibition fight, the former boxer and world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. had fun with Don Moore to the point of letting out a few laughs during the lawsuit held on Saturday in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The 45-year-old retired boxer showed on the ring that he continues without losing class and talentalthough as it was a friendly match there were no winners.

From the third round ‘The Money’ took the opportunity to joke with Moore, comically address the public… Even replace the girl in the commercials!

Before the seventh round, Mayweather took the sign with the number that the ‘ring-girl’ wore. Before the smiles of those present, she took the opportunity to share some “forbidden steps” to the rhythm of the music that was playing.

Regarding boxing, Mayweather looked far superior to his rivalwhich in the previous one looked more even, but The Money handcuffed him with his old strategy of fast blows and speed in the legs.

“I want to thank everyone, this place is amazing, the United Arab Emirates is one of the best places in the world. I am here to entertain and have fun, ”she explained together before launching the great news that drove everyone crazy”Floyd Mayweather

After the crash, Mayweather shared a piece of news with the audience that drew a shower of applause: a next fight in that asian nation.

“I will bring a new fight here this year. We have an opponent, it’s secret so I can’t say,” said the former world champion.

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