Floyd Mayweather’s eccentric Christmas gift of more than 18 million dollars

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather JR. continues to give something to talk about even after his retirement. The expugilist has always been dedicated to showing off his vehicles, houses, clothes or watches that have a value of millions of dollars and this Christmas is no exception.

This time “Money” Mayweather presented himself with an expensive Christmas watch that is worth more than $ 18 million.

“I made it to the top without giving a damn, so why should I start now? 18 million for the clock, “wrote the boxer on Instagram along with a photo gallery.

The watch is called Billionaire. It is made of white gold and covered by 313 emerald cut diamonds, which weighs 260 carats. The product of the company Jacob & Co, characterized by its diamond garments, has a 1.21 carat ruby ​​adorning the crown.

This watch was created in 2015 by the firm Jacob & Co together with the Italian businessman and Formula 1 figure Flavio Briatore, with measurements of 58 mm x 47.5 mm, but those who have been fortunate enough to try such an exclusive jewel highlight its comfort, due to the softness of adapting to the wrist.

In addition to the clock,Something that stands out in the photo of Mayweather Jr is the jacket and trousers that are from the Louis Vuitton company with symbols of works of art and also cost thousands of dollars.e dollars.