Fofo Márquez is attacked during a practical joke and ends up all bloody

A few days ago we let you know that flabby marquez and Rey Grupero staged a strong controversy on social networks. Now, a video has been leaked showing the exact moment in the young millionaire influencer is assaulted during a prank that he made in a dangerous area of ​​CDMX.

The controversy began when netizens they compared the influencer with Cytnhia Klitbo’s ex-boyfriend, ensuring that both are persona non grata for the Internet and that they only stand out for making heavy jokes. This situation did not please him at all and he defended himself by saying that he risks recording content without bodyguard protection.

“The millionaire child of Mexico” has been harshly criticized on social networks for his controversial actions and waste of money. Despite the controversy and criticism, the young influencer enjoys great popularity on social networks.

After a series of dimes and diretes, Rey Grupero invited Fofo Márquez to make several jokes together, invitation which he accepted. However, the controversial and joker influencer challenged him to make a dynamic, which would end up leaving him bloodied and attended by medical personnel.

Referring to the time an important avenue was closed in Guadalajara, they blocked one of the streets of the Peralvillo neighborhood in CDMX and boasted that Fofo Márquez uses his power and fortune to do what he really pleaseswhich made those present furious.

Fofo Márquez ends up bloodied

Surprisingly, they attacked the vehicle they were traveling in and proceeded to chase them until “El Niño Millonario” was hit and they ended up exploding a glass in his head. For this reason, they called the ambulance for him to receive medical attention because he was full of blood, but fortunately he is fine.

Faced with this situation, the influencer Rey Grupero was attacked by the bodyguards of Fofo Márquez, which ended up leaving him with a bloody and probably broken nose. However, both seem to have smoothed things over and continue to record content, which made more than one think that everything was acted.

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Who is Fofo Márquez and what is he famous for?

Despite the controversy and criticism, the young influencer enjoys great popularity on social networks.

As previously mentioned by AmericanPost.News, flabby marquez is an influencer and content creator for YouTube who has stood out for being a controversial character who shows off his luxuries and excesses on social networkswhich has caused the young millionaire earned the hatred and contempt of some netizens.

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