Following Daniel Craig’s departure as James Bond, the next agent 007 could be non-binary

Although a few days ago Barbara broccoli, the lead producer on the Agent 007 film saga, asserted emphatically that the successor of Daniel Craig At the head of the franchise he will have to be British and a man, in his last interview he has left the door open to the possibility of James Bond presenting himself to the world as a person of non-binary identity.

During her time on the ‘Girls on Film’ podcast, the daughter of the legendary Albert Broccoli, producer of the first British spy tapes, has once again stressed that James Bond will never be a woman, a decision linked to his belief that new female roles must be created instead of ‘recycling’ existing ones.

I don’t think we should make movies in which women play men“, Has assured bluntly.

I think we have to make new movies starring women. I think Bond must remain a man“, He pointed out before his interlocutor, Anna Smith, asked him directly about the third way: finding an interpreter who does not have to feel identified with the masculine or feminine.

“Who knows? I mean, we are open to those ideas. The important thing is that we find the right actor ”, he explained just before emphasizing the idea that the British character of the character is not associated with a specific ethnic group. “We want the actor to be British… And British, as we all know, can mean many things“.

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