Following her successful performance at MTV Miaw 2023, Kenia Os releases new song “LoveLove U” on August 24

Kenia Os announces her new single "LoveLove U", shares cover art, and teases fans with clues for every 1000 pre-saves on Spotify.

Kenia Os, the singer who recently stole the show at MTV Miaw 2023, is about to release a new single. The Mazatlan-born artist, who closed the event with performances of ‘La invitación’ and ‘Malas Decisiones’, has announced that her new song, “LoveLove U,” will be released on Thursday, August 24, on all digital platforms. However, she did not specify the time.

Kenya Os will release her new single “LoveLove U”

The 24-year-old singer has enjoyed resounding success, and her fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of “LoveLove U.” Kenia Os has kept her fans engaged by launching a dynamic pre-save campaign on Spotify. For every 1000 pre-saves of the new song, she will release clues about it.

The excitement among her fans was palpable when, on Friday, August 18, Kenia Os shared the cover of “LoveLove U” on her social media accounts. In the image, the singer can be seen wearing a pink crop top and a denim skirt with pastel blue heels, holding a fishbowl in a room with a red carpet. The reactions from her followers were enthusiastic, with comments such as “What a thrill”, “August can’t get any better”, and “Let it come out already”.

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Kenia Os, singer (@keniaos)

This is the cover of “LoveLove U,” Kenia Os’ new song.

In a recent Instagram story, Kenia Os revealed that she took a short break for inspiration but will be releasing new songs soon. She stated that “LoveLove U” is particularly important to her as it marks the beginning of a new stage in her music career. Following the release of “Malas Decisiones”, she has a clear direction for her future songs.