Fonseca, Lupillo Rivera and Alicia Villarreal are the judges of “El Retador” the new reality show on TelevisaUnivision

There are only two weeks left for the premiere of “El Retador”, show that arrives to continue entertaining the public the strip of “Family Sundays” by Univision. This production will show viewers how each week they will champion their talent face-to-face with established artists.

The panelists or judges who will be part of this project are: Fonseca, Lupillo Rivera and Alicia Villarreal. The internationally hit reality show will premiere on August 14 at 8 pm ET.

“El Retador” will be hosted by Consuelo Duval, and talented people of all ages from all over Latin America and the United States will meet to compete with the “Champions”, artists consecrated in three disciplines: dance, singing and imitation.

We know that with the matchups, participants will have the opportunity to win a cash prize that accumulates week after week. The participating “Champions” are: Arath de la Torre, Dulce, Adrián di Monte and Pía Sanz.

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