Food stamps October money will be higher and permanently

  • October begins and with it great news for those who are part of the SNAP program
  • Food stamp benefits increase in more money for people
  • The increase equates to 27 percent, as reported by the Biden government.

The month of October begins and with it benefits of food stamps with more money to people who are part of the SNAP program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which represents excellent news for all residents in the United States who frequently use the coupons of food.

Various media such as the ‘NoticiasYa’ portal announced the significant increase of 27 percent in the money that families receive for food stamps, given the impossibility of being able to supply themselves with the basic pantry in their daily lives.

In October, money is increased for food stamps from the SNAP program

SNAP food stamps program October money

Previously, the amount that families would receive as money and benefits in food stamps had already been increased since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, but now in October there will be the largest increase in the SNAP program in all history, which was announced by the government of Biden for weeks.

Currently there are 42 million people who benefit from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is more commonly referred to as ‘Food Stamps’ or food stamps valid in hundreds of establishments for families in need.

How much is the increase in money from food stamps in October?

Food Stamps money SNAP program

In total, it will be $ 36 that will be added to the amount of aid, since it will go from $ 121 to $ 157 for each person, which is the most significant increase in the history of the SNAP program, as part of the strategies of the government of Biden to face the economic crisis.

However, the increase in said monetary amount is due to the economic food plan called ‘Thrifty Food Plan’, which is connected with SNAP, a food stamp program that determines the amounts to be obtained, which is based on updating the data on the cost of the basic food basket that a family of four must have access to.

More money in food stamps for October

SNAP program

The increase to the historical amount that will take place as of this month of October, was due to the fact that the Department of Agriculture of the food stamp program, according to the 2018 Farm Law, ordered a review of the rates and it was determined that it would increase the money.

As a result of the pandemic unleashed in the US by COVID cases that began to appear in early 2020, many people had to close their businesses, unemployment increased and the SNAP program had an increase in participation with the food stamps that people needed to stock his pantry.

42 million users benefit from SNAP and the increase in money in food stamps for October

Food stamps money in October

In the face of the pandemic, millions of sources of employment were lost and when in February 2020 37 million people were registered in the SNAP program, or food stamps, as of this date in 2021 there are 42 million beneficiaries, so it recovered more important is the historical amount that will be awarded this October in coupons.

The Biden government extended to an additional 25 million people the allocation of food stamps in households of families with many needs who would not have received the stimulus. Considering that the average cost of a meal in the US is $ 2.41, in 2020 that represented 22 percent higher than coupon benefits, hence the amount increased in October of this year.

Food stamps with more money; Historic October SNAP Increase

Food stamps money October SNAP

Food stamps better known as ‘food stamps’ will change in various ways over the next month with four new programs announcing who the beneficiaries will be and how their payments will be affected.

Food stamps or ‘food stamps’ are also known as the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which provides food assistance to around 42 million low-income households in the United States.

Changes for Food Stamp Recipients

food stamp beneficiaries
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The federal program provides a prepaid card to families whose benefits are renewed month by month so they can buy food such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish bread and cereals, The Sun reported.

The card can be used at 238,000 retailers nationwide, and food stamp recipients are generally low-income individuals with gross incomes up to 130% of the federal poverty line.

New Eligible Homes, SNAP Program

food stamps
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The new increase in food stamps will be available to all eligible people who claim food stamps. In Louisiana, eligible households affected by Hurricane Ida will be able to get temporary support from the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) starting this month.

With this, families that usually do not qualify for the federal benefit will be able to obtain disaster assistance. To be eligible for D-SNAP, a household must live in the identified disaster area and have been affected by the disaster. Filed Under: Food stamps money in October, SNAP program

Who is eligible for the SNAP program?

food stamp beneficiaries
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Although each state has its own schemes, eligibility for food stamp assistance is generally limited to people with gross income up to 130% of the federal poverty line. In a single person household the income should be $ 12,880 and increases according to the number of family members. Also, the poverty line for a family of four is $ 26,500 gross income.

The amount of money a food stamp recipient can get will depend on the size of their family. Usually the amount of money is calculated based on 30% of their net income, which is what people are assumed to spend on food. For example, a family of four can receive up to $ 782 in food stamps per month. Filed Under: Food stamps money in October, SNAP program

More money in October

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The federal government indicated that between the months of September and October there would be four changes in relation to the food stamp program. One of the changes is that households that received a 15% increase in benefits due to the COVID-19 pandemic will stop receiving that extra help on September 30.

Once this temporary push ends, food stamps will get a permanent increase of around 27% starting October 1. This means that the average monthly benefit per person will increase from $ 121 to $ 157, which translates into an increase of $ 36. Filed Under: Food stamps money in October, SNAP program

Benefits from ‘food stamps’ will increase in October … more money

Beginning in October, average benefits from food stamps (officially known as the SNAP program) will increase more than 25 percent above pre-pay levels. The increase in assistance will be available indefinitely for the 42 million beneficiaries of the program, detailed the aforementioned media.

The aid increase was first reported by The New York Times and the details were confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Department of Agriculture, and are expected to be formally announced Monday by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Filed Under: Food stamps money in October, SNAP program