For this reason, the Britney Spears film did not triumph at the box office.

Britney Spears She is one of the most important singers on the international level, her foray into music was a watershed for the pop genre, especially in the nineties, when it had its heyday.

Spears was in the public’s taste in a stratospheric way, that they invited her to all kinds of projects, and an example of this is the movie Crossroads, which he starred in in 2002.

Britney, who does not plan to invite anyone to her wedding, was the protagonist of the film, but, although everyone expected it to be a great success, the famous was named worst actress.

Criticism destroyed Britney Spears and the tape

The movie was one of the least acclaimed at the box office

The premiere of the film took place in 2002, and the public called it “Boring and stupid”, in fact, they mainly blamed Britney, so much so that USA Today said that “The film would have been brilliant, if only spears wasn’t in it. “

In fact, the Golden Raspberry Awards recognized Britney as the worst actress, and the song that she released for the film was also classified as “The worst”.

What is the plot of the story?

The film is about a group of friends who travel around the United States with the goal of reaching Los Angeles California.

Luci, Kit, and Mimi have known each other for 10 years, and their friendship has been fading, so they want to win it back through a road trip.

Since then the singer Britney has devoted herself entirely to music, and to some neighboring projects, but not to the cinema.

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