Ford Focus 2022 will have up to three engine versions

Under a set of technical features and new technological specifications, Ford will offer its customers up to three engine versions of the Ford Focus 2022a vehicle that has remained fixed in the company’s plans over the years.

On an aesthetic level, the car will enjoy semi-rectangular headlamps, which highlight current design aspects. Similarly, the bumper, windshield and hood have undergone changes for the new 2022 model.

The aerodynamic lines stand out on the hoodtrickling towards the top of the vehicle to finish at the rear, without leaving aside the pronounced silhouette above the doors that sits right between the front and rear tire spaces.

Technologically speaking, the Ford Focus 2022 integrates a 12.2-inch screen compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlaywhich can be configured directly with the application of the North American manufacturer, Ford Pass, in order to control the functions of the car remotely and remotely.

Ford Focus 2022 will cease to be manufactured in 2025, so the model will face its last years on the market. Credit: Ford

The engines of the Ford Focus 2022

Three versions will have the Ford Focus 2022 at the engine level. The first one enjoys hybrid integration delivering up to 48 volts in electric modewith overall power ranging from 100 to 155 hp based on the manufacturer’s 1.0 EcoBoost engine.

Similarly, you can select an option that does not include the hybrid section, but reducing the power that can deliver up to 125 hp, with a six-speed manual gearbox.

On the other hand, the power unit EcoBlue 1.5 liters varies from 95 to 120 hp, likewise with a six-speed gearbox, although an additional version adds more power and replaces the manual system with an eight-speed automatic.

Finally, the most advanced modality will deliver 280 hp and 420 Nm. thanks to the 2.3-litre EcoBoost enginewhich is accompanied by an adaptive suspension, 6 speeds in the manual gearbox and 7 in the automatic version, in addition to a limited slip differential.

Despite all these options, Ford offers additional customization modes through the ST-Line and Active variantsfor greater differentiation with respect to other models and users of the brand, where these variants may be the last, since the manufacturer has announced that it will stop manufacturing it in 2025.

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