Foreign athlete Jon Joseph found dead in Jalisco apartment during Gay Games Guadalajara 2023

Jalisco officials investigate the sudden death of Jon Joseph, an athlete participating in the Gay Games, amid signs of a possible overdose.

In a sad turn of events, the body of Jon Joseph, a foreign athlete set to participate in the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023, was discovered lifeless in an apartment in Jalisco. The tragic incident has cast a shadow over the otherwise celebratory sporting event.

The Jalisco prosecutor’s office has initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Joseph’s death. On the afternoon of Friday, November 3, around 4:00 p.m., emergency teams in the municipality were alerted to a deceased individual in a residence located in El Santuario neighborhood, Guadalajara. Neighbors had reported the distressing discovery to the authorities.

Initial findings suggest that Joseph succumbed to a myocardial infarction, potentially triggered by an overdose of various substances. The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) communicated via social media that the deceased athlete was in Mexico for the competition.

Upon discovery, officials from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and agents of the Investigation Police, linked to the Specialized Unit for the Attention of Sexual Diversity Crimes, were dispatched to begin their investigation.

Vecinos del lugar reportaron el fallecimiento a las autoridades.
Foto: TW Fiscalía de Jalisco
Neighbors of the place reported the death to the authorities. Photo: TW Jalisco District Attorney’s Office

Investigation with a Gender Perspective

These agencies, in line with recent legal precedents, are conducting the investigation with a gender perspective. This approach is crucial to ensure the clarification of events and to exclude the possibility of a hate crime against the athlete.

The Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) has joined forces with the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Essence of the Gay Games

The Gay Games, a significant event in the LGBTI+ community, aim to foster inclusivity in sports. This year, the event is co-hosted by Guadalajara and Hong Kong. Over 3,000 athletes from 33 countries are competing in 22 disciplines, with a strong representation from Mexico.

México se convierte en el primer país latinoamericano en albergar esta justa deportiva. 
Foto: TW Gay Games Guadalajara 2023
Mexico became the first Latin American country to host this sporting event. Photo: TW Gay Games Guadalajara 2023

Enrique Alfaro, the governor of Jalisco, reflected on the importance of the Games: “In 2017, as mayor of Guadalajara, the struggle to bring this event to our city began. This event is more than a sports meeting, it’s a recognition of the struggle for freedom, respect, and equality.”

The Games, which commenced on November 3 and will conclude on November 11, mark Guadalajara as the first Latin American city to host the Gay Games.

Mexico proudly stands as the first Latin American country to host this sporting event, exemplifying a commitment to diversity and inclusion in sports.