Foreign worker dies at the Progreso Fiscal Dock

a man of origin Foreign died While worked at the Fiscal Dock of Progress.

The events were recorded early this Thursday when a man identified as RE, of Romanian origin, collapsed while working.

The man was performing maneuvers on a loading and unloading ship that was docked.

His co-workers gave him help and requested support from the emergency services, so paramedics from the Red Cross of the Progreso Delegation attended the place, however the long journey from the ASIPONA entrance, so the work was complicated and assistance did not come quickly.

The man was performing maneuvers. Recently a young man from Yucatan lost his life from a heart attack.

The man died of a heart attack and despite the fact that he received CPR from his colleagues, the paramedics found him lying in the control room, where he was supposed to perform maneuvers with minerals. Despite these efforts, the worker died almost instantly.

It transpired that the now The deceased had been suffering from heart problems for several years. being the second heart attack in less than a year.

Deaths due to heart attack in Yucatan

Recently a young man from Yucatan lost his life from a heart attack.

Like this man, in Yucatan there have been several deaths of this type, one of the most recent being the death of a 15-year-old teenager, who lost his life in the streets of the municipality of Ticul.

It was found that the minor was walking on 42nd Street when suddenly he fainted and convulsed right at the door of a house, Apparently the victim of a heart attack, like the foreign worker at the Progreso Fiscal Dock.

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