“Forget your ex”, the campaign to collect and donate teddy bears

Students of Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero launched a campaign called “Forget your ex”, which seeks to collect toys in good condition to distribute them among the children of low-income families in the south of Tamaulipas.

In one of the messages written on cardboard to promote the campaign you can read: “Forget your ex and donate his stuffed animal”, which in addition to causing a smile in motorists, has led them to get off to buy some detail in nearby businesses to donate.

Michelle Luna Mellado, which is Miss Tec Madero, along with her colleagues, commented that they will be until next December 23 at a time of 10 am at 4:00 pm at the main access of this institute on Primero de Mayo avenue. As reported by Milenio.

“Forget your ex” has no goal

“Forget your ex”, the campaign to collect and donate teddy bears This campaign baffled many people.

There is no collection goal, therefore, everything will be well received and delivered on December 24 by the students, who have already agreed in some neighborhoods such as Adriana González, also known as the “Chipus ”In Ciudad Madero.

He extended the invitation to all those who want to come and donate at the aforementioned time and also appreciate the participation of those who have already done so, both drivers who stop and the same students who collect at home.

Another campaign that generated great response was on February 14, since the Bronx Zoo in New York offered to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after your partner … or your ex.

The Bronx Zoo was successful

This campaign baffled many people.

“You do not always have the right words, but you can still give him goosebumps. Name a cockroach for your Valentine, because cockroaches … are forever,” says the zoo’s successful campaign, which turns a decade.

In exchange for a donation of $ 15, the honoree received last Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a printed certificate with the name chosen for the cockroach.

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