Forgotten promise on the bench: the strange case of José Juan Macías and Getafe

JJ Macías has not been able to debut with Getafe.

Photo: Javier Soriano / AFP / Getty Images

Loaned by Chivas, Getafe acquired this summer Jose Juan Macías, one of the great promises of Mexican soccer. He wanted to make the leap to Europe and chose Spain as a perfect destination to attract spotlights. Nevertheless, four months and 16 days have passed since it was officially unveiled and Macías, for now, does not carburet.

The Chivas forward is the last option of his current coach, Quique Sánchez Flores. Since he replaced Míchel on the bench six league days ago, The Getafe coach has not given Macías a minute. Against Cádiz, this Sunday, he even started to warm up during the first half. However, in the end he was left without a prize.

In front, Macías has up to four players. At the moment, the headlines are two forwards: the Turkish Enes Unal and Sandro Ramírez. And when someone has failed due to injury like Sandro, Quique has used Jaime Mata or Darío Poveda.

Behind all of them, the Mexican striker is the fifth striker who is patiently waiting for his moment.
Until Míchel was dismissed, Macías lived a different situation. Connoisseur of Mexican football due to his time in Pumas until 2020, the former Getafe coach liked Macías. He needed a period of adaptation to a new football and from the beginning of the course he was giving him minutes.

Specifically, twenty-four at the Mestalla, four against Sevilla, fifteen at the Camp Nou against Barcelona, ​​forty-five at Vallecas, and, finally, two consecutive starts on the sixth and seventh matchdays: at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum against Atlético de Madrid and at Benito Villamarín against Betis. He dismissed Míchel’s stage with just two minutes against Real Sociedad.

In total, at the beginning of the course, Macías accumulated 200 minutes out of 720 possible, exactly 27.7 percent of the time. Later, after the departure of Míchel and the arrival of Quique, his minutes are zero of 540, in part because a fibrillar tear has left him off the pitch for three days. For some things and for others, his global participation in the Madrid club since Quique arrived drops to 15.8 percent of the possible minutes.

The words of JJ Macías

During his official presentation, Macías announced that playing in the Spanish League was a “goal” he had in mind. And he launched a juicy bet for the Getafe fans: “Now that I’m here, I have to prove it on the court. I’m going to do it with great performances and goals and the rest is history. Now there is gratitude and the rest, I will speak on the court“.

Since he said those words, Macías has not been able to celebrate any goals with his new fans. With Míchel he showed that he is a footballer with good goals and a future. He left good details and movements, but was somewhat erratic on the few occasions he had to define.

It is true that Macías’ 200 minutes came at Getafe’s worst moment this season. At the beginning of the course, it was a weaker and weaker team that also had bad luck when it was correct. And, for a striker, global bad play is always detrimental. He barely got balls and he didn’t have many options to prove anything.

In the best moments of the team, already in the stage of Quique, or he has not counted for his coach, or he has been injured. And, while he accumulates 200 minutes, your competitors outperform you statistically: Enes Unal accumulates 857 and four goals; Jaime Mata, 439 and a bit; Sandro Ramírez, 535 and 2 targets; and Darío Poveda 325 scoreless. And, like Macías, everyone, except Enes Unal, has passed through the infirmary.

Now, there is an uncertain future for the Mexican attacker. Fully recovered, he can fight to convince Quique. But it can also come out in January.

Getafe could break his assignment and leave a free card to reinforce another demarcation of the squad. The month of December will be key to the future of a man who arrived with qualities, a hunger for success and a desire to take over the world. At the moment, he has not been able to show his quality in one of those strange cases of quality footballers who have not just caught on due to different circumstances in a club. On this occasion, it was Getafe and Macías.