Former Adamari López, Toni Costa, follows and likes male strippers, says Gossip No Like

Much has been said about the separation of Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa. At some point, when the driver of Today He announced through a statement the end of the relationship, he assured: “That the decision was for the well-being of his daughter.” He later told an interview on People in Spanish: “What was happening was not the right thing to do. He knows what happened. I did not make the decision lightly. ” Now, one of the programs that has dedicated the most to finding out what is true and what is not within this story, Gossip No Like, ensures that Toni Costa likes male strippers on Instagram.

This should not be a news event. However, precisely one of the rumors and the possible causes of his separation with Toni Costa, They were the alleged infidelities of this and the chats with men. Obviously, this is something that the renowned journalist has assured on several occasions Javier Ceriani and the communicator Elisa beristain, drivers of Gossip No Like, who claim that Toni Costa, former Adamari López, likes strippers and male models on Instagram.

Adamari tells her friends that she found Toni Costa messages with a friend from Zumba. With a woman… ”, he assures Javier Ceriani. His partner Elisa beristain remember that he also supposedly received messages from a gentleman, with whom she eventually had a relationship in the past. “He is obsessed with liking all the macho men and papasotes in Miami. Strippers and models. All the time Toni Costa always follows this stripper who is in a boat showing his butt ”, they assured in Gossip No Like.

They affirm in the show business program Gossip No Like that in the photos where these gentlemen come out more dressed, supposedly the Spanish dancer likes the photos. Both drivers are very sure that sooner or later, Toni Costa he will have to accept that everything in this show has been said about him.

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