Former Barcelona president breaks the silence on the club’s crisis and Messi’s goodbye

Bartomeu defended his management at the head of Barcelona.

Photo: JOSEP LAGO / AFP / Getty Images

Josep María Bartomeu, former president of FC Barcelona, broke his silence to defend his management at the head of the Barça entity, in interviews with Mundo Deportivo and ‘Sport’. These were his best phrases:

“The management has been serious and responsible. I’m not saying it. It says LaLiga, UEFA and Forbes, which valued us as the most valuable club, but the pandemic drastically reduced revenues ”.

“The club is neither bankrupt nor insolvent. That is not true. Without COVID I would have lost only 50 million (euros) in the 2020-21 season ″.

“I, as president, i did my best, all efforts, so that (Lionel) Messi does not leave the club. He thought it was good for Barça and for himself that he continued with us. This summer they let him go, and that one it seems like a bad decision to me“.

“It is normal that the players participated in the increase in income. We went to the limit of the parameters ”.

“In the summer of 2020 we had an offer from an English club of 150 million (euros) by Ansu Fati, that they would have settled the accounts ”.

“I would have signed with CVC. It would be a quick way to have resources lost due to the pandemic and alleviate the lack of income ”.

In ten years, 22 titles have been won, the sections have won more titles than ever and we have left the best women’s team in the world, with that treble … And lots of players have come out of our grassroots football. That is our heritage ”.

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