Former employee of Luis Miguel wins a battle in the lawsuit

The singer Luis Miguel will have to face the trial for unjustified dismissal, after multiple attempts to postpone the trial, the ex employee win a small but important battle in the demand.

Javier Guatemala, represented a lawsuit against Luis MIguel, since in 2012 he was unjustifiably fired and without any pay when the singer left one of his houses in Acapulco located in Playa Bonfil.

Now it became known that after several attempts by the singer to postpone the trial, his arguments were dismissed by the authorities.

Why did they sue Luis Miguel?

The lawsuit was filed by a former employee of Luis Miguel The singer will face a trial for unjustified dismissal

The plaintiff’s attorney indicated that the judge handling the case rejected the singer’s strategy of delaying the trial a little longer.

This means that the authorities rejected the procedure and arguments with which the singer Luis Miguel wanted to delay the trial as he has been doing for 11 years, time in which the lawsuit exists, so as not to pay the former worker.

Legal strategies

The singer will face a trial for wrongful termination

The lawyer Tomás Gutiérrez indicated that Luis Miguel has chosen to have several legal representatives in this case.

“Suddenly it changes, it has a lot of lawyers appointed but one day one appears, another day another appears, but we continue (with our finger) in the line, of course believing that we are right.”

Finally, the lawyer commented that the next hearing of the case will be in January 2022 and will not be delayed any longer as expected with the tactics used by the singer’s legal team.

“We have an upcoming hearing on January 18 at 11:30 in the morning, here at the facilities of the Acapulco Conciliation and Arbitration Board,” he concluded.

Luis Miguel presented financial problems, the reason that led Luis Miguel to make the series about his life on Netflix.

This demand was filed several years ago against Luis Miguel and the ex employee He presented it for justified dismissal.

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