Former member of Chino y Nacho makes history with his virtual concert Nacho Sinfónico and sets a precedent in the urban genre

Former member of Chino y Nacho makes history with his virtual concert Nacho Sinfónico and sets a precedent in the urban genre

Former member of Chino y Nacho makes history with his virtual concert Nacho Sinfónico and sets a precedent in the urban genre.

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The Venezuelan Nacho, former member of Chino y Nacho, presents the first virtual concert in symphonic format but keeping his songs that he has created in urban genre. The singer Nacho birthday, but he gives the gift with his concert “Nacho Symphonic”Via online for your fans stationed anywhere in the world.

For being the birthday of Nacho brought together 40 musicians from different symphony orchestras of Venezuela With his band. In an interview he gave us a few days before, half by the duo Chino and Nacho He told us details of everything that was the production of what he considers the best concert ever presented on the digital platform.

Nacho account that the idea of ​​celebrating his birthday with a virtual concert It emerged on the Telegram channel, where he communicates with his fans periodically, but he knew that it had to be something unpublished. So to that idea was added his desire to fulfill a personal dream that he had had since he was 17 years old, that of making a symphonic concert.

Nacho He recalled that more than twenty years ago he had a magical experience when he saw the Metallica concert with the symphonic Orchestra from San Francisco, so the inspiration came from there too. From that moment he began to shape the project. He met with directors and arrangers. The work sessions started resulting in the first arrangement, this was for the song Báilame. He says that at that precise moment they realized that they had a jewel in their hands, so they continued with the production of what he promised would be an unforgettable show.

The staging of this concert It is extremely expensive due to all the technical and human deployment that involves having more than 140 involved in the team. That is why the artist doubts that it can be repeated or even rotated around other cities and countries.

Many of symphonic musicians that accompany the artist are part of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, the main group belonging to the laureate System of Orchestras of Venezuela. On this occasion, the musicians perform in their own capacity. Nacho He could not use the name of the orchestra, since it is a governmental entity, but he does not deny that he would love the idea.

This concert is a gift from Nacho for the public that follows his career from anywhere in the world. It is performed with Venezuelan talent and from Venezuela. Even though there are not the best conditions in that country at this time, Nacho Always bet on your country and, through thick and thin, carry out this beautiful musical dream.

Nacho He also spoke about the social and political problems of his country. Faced with the question of whether or not he exercises populism, he said that he cares, but that he is also in charge of generating support solutions for his countrymen. He revealed that his social streak runs in the family and by inheritance from his father and that, while he can, he will continue to help those most in need to get ahead.

His altruistic work has made him build an image close to people, since he is personally in charge of delivering donations, sharing with children and using his social networks as a showcase to showcase new talents. Nacho He has made it clear on multiple occasions that he has no political aspirations and that the help he provides does not increase the sales of his music. On Venezuela Digital platforms are not monetized and therefore, their Venezuelan public in the country does not consume their music due to the restrictions that exist.

Nacho He understands that there are no magic solutions to improve the complex situation that his country is going through, but he fantasizes about the idea of ​​a great change and confesses that he would begin with the attitude of many of his countrymen. Think that the first step should be to leave resentment behind to continue building dreams. and especially country.

Fortunately, many of the things that this Venezuelan dreams of, who managed to gradually conquer other lands through his music and his particular voice, make them come true. That is why he gives himself and gives to the land that saw him born a deserved tribute to the issues that have catapulted his success and one of the greatest pride of that country, The System of Orchestras and National and Youth Choirs of Venezuela.

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