Former Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez Jr. was hospitalized for overdose on weight loss pills

Hospitalization of Julio César Chávez Jr occurred following the excessive consumption of weight loss pills, as reported by his concerned wife.

In a shocking turn of events, former Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez Jr., the son of legendary world boxing champion Julio César Chávez, was urgently hospitalized. Reports emerged in the late hours of Sunday, indicating that the health scare was due to an excessive consumption of weight loss pills.

According to the sports network TUDN, which broke the news on its social media platforms, Chávez Jr., aged 37, was rushed to the hospital on October 24. It was his wife who disclosed the former athlete’s critical health condition.

Photo: Instagram/@tudnmex
Photo: Instagram/@tudnmex

What Led to the Hospitalization?

The incident came to light when international media, including TMZ Sports, reported the emergency situation. TUDN’s Instagram account conveyed that Chávez Jr. had ingested an overdose of weight loss pills, prompting his wife to make a 911 call. The severity of the situation necessitated his transfer to a psychiatric facility.


Concerns Raised by the Wife

The wife of Chávez Jr. voiced her fears, revealing that her husband had consumed a dangerous quantity of pills. “They report that the Mexican’s wife called the police saying that he had consumed dozens of pills and feared for his safety,” TUDN reported.

Photo: Instagram/@tudnmex
Photo: Instagram/@tudnmex

A Glimpse into Chávez Jr.’s Life

Julio César Chávez Carrasco, 37, has established himself as a prominent figure in the boxing world, following in the footsteps of his father, Julio César Chávez. He earned fame as the middleweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC). However, recent months have seen him in the news more for his alleged addiction issues than his sporting achievements.